ActiveMe Whitepaper


ActiveMe is a web3 app that creates a healthy lifestyle for users, powered by camera-based AR motion capture technology.
ActiveMe is an app that creates a lifestyle app for its users. It's based on the dynamic motion capture technology of camera images and allows users to exercise anytime, anywhere, and without any additional hardware equipment with it. Minimize the costs and barriers that allow people to embrace healthy living, giving more and more people a better life.
Users can equip their 3D Avatars with NFT in the form of sweatsuit, and earn token by doing various sports with their Avatars coach, which can be used in the game or cashed in for profit.
AcitveMe is to bring healthy lifestyles into everyone's daily life through a new combination and approach. Create a healthy, valuable, sociable, sustainable web3 ecology.
Note: ActiveMe is currently under Beta Phase, so contents in the Whitepaper could be changed in the future.


Utility Token:CAL
Governance Token:AMX
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